How Vimeo is best YouTube Alternative for hosting videos

Vimeo vs youtube

However, YouTube is regarded as one of the best platforms for watching videos online. YouTube is owned by Google and has billions of user base. There are also YouTube-esque sites that you can use as a YouTube alternative but Vimeo is considered as a good alternative for YouTube for not only watching the video but also hosting videos. Today, we will discuss hoe Vimeo is the best alternative for hosting videos.

What is Vimeo?

Vimeo is a big platform for video streaming and video hosting. It is also a good source of getting traffic on your site, upload a variety of videos and improve the overall ranking of on search engines. Vimeo has the aim to provide a platform for creative people where the user watches the quality content. It supports the 4K ultra high definition videos only that means it prefers the quality over quantity. It is a great platform when it comes to watching HD videos over the web. You can watch the high-quality documentary, short movies, music videos and much more over there. Its mobile app is also available for iOS and Android. There are a lot of advantages of this platform that makes it the best YouTube alternative.

High video quality:

YouTube supports the compressing video for uploading that loses the quality of video in an effort to less data on the servers. But on the other hand, Vimeo only supports high-quality videos. So if you want to watch high-quality videos then Vimeo is the perfect place to go. But as you know the new cameras give you bigger file size videos and it is expected that Vimeo will support compressed video in near future.

Branded video player:

Vimeo allows you to customize the frame of video player’ layout. You can tweak the overall appearance by matching the color of your portfolio, brand logo, and homepage with the player. It gives your audience a great viewing experience and creativity. You can also change the color of the text by uploading your logo to the video. In order to do so, go to video settings and then tap on the embed option.

Privacy control:

Vimeo offers its users a wide range of customizing option, especially for privacy control. Moreover, it also offers its users to limit the playback either on your site or other selected websites. With the customize privacy and playback control, you can make your videos available on your blog or website that give you more number of views and conversions. These features make it a good YouTube alternative.

Customizable video Links:

While you are using Vimeo for video hosting, you can also change the link of your video to make it easy to find on the web. If you are a brand or business, this feature helps you out in order to promote your product.

Good customer service:

The good customer service of Vimeo makes it the best YouTube alternative. Its customer service is better than YouTube because YouTube has millions of quires in a day as compared to Vimeo.