How to Get More Instagram Likes: Ideas, Tactics & useful Tips

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There is no better way than Instagram when it comes to sharing your most loved moments and memories with your family, friends and other followers. Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users and every brand creates their account on this blooming photo-sharing app with the hope to promote their brand over there. But after creating the account, you only get a few likes on each post which is not a noticeable success for your brand growth. In this post, we will talk about some tips that can help you to get more Instagram followers and likes in no time. Let’s dig into it.

4 tips to get more Instagram likes

Take high-quality photos

This might seem to make no sense but people hit more on high-quality photos and videos. The more you post high-quality photos, the more you get likes. You have no need to buy a pricey DSLR camera to make high-quality pics. All you need to use good lighting and everything should be in focus while taking the photo. We’d recommend you to use an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy to make your Instagram post perfect. Take good-looking and natural shots that please the viewers aesthetically- and that means more following and more likes.

Use a consistent filter scheme

However, using filter schemes might be playful but it is the top secret to grow your brand on Instagram with more likes and shares if you remain consistent. Create your own style by using one or two filters for all photos. That way, you can maintain your unique visual identity on Instagram. Moreover, this strategy will make your photos promptly identifiable on the feeds of your followers, resulting in getting more unswerving likes and recognition.

Share posts on other Social networks:

Share your Instagram posts to your other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. You can also link your Instagram account with your Facebook and Twitter account. That wait can help you to influence the profile viewer and generate views from the followers from other social networks. You can also embed your Instagram posts into your personal blogs.

Use local hashtags

You can reach your prospective customers through local hashtags. Moreover, it is also a great way to get more Instagram likes. You can find local Instagram accounts (topmost) using Google in your vicinity and use the hashtags that they are using for their posts. That way, you can connect with more people who are likely to take interest in your featured photos. Using these hashtags, you can get more Instagram followers and more likes on your Instagram account.


We bet you these tips will help you to get more Instagram likes. In the end, we’d recommend you to convert these likes into sales for your business. Influence the engagement that you are getting by publicizing to your followers efficiently. Which Instagram strategy you are using and how many likes do you get using this strategy? Add your thoughts below!

Good luck, Instagrammers!